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Need Data Solutions™ (NDS) focuses on specific, niche problem areas in the data management of business. If your business has a data bottleneck or a manual paper process that is inhibiting your workflow, then you Need Data Solutions™.


How many times have you said: 'THERE HAS TO BE A BETTER WAY?'

Well - there is. Thoughtful, focused database design can relieve you of repetitive data entry, matching, searching, comparing, assembling, outputting and a number of other functions you MUST execute as part of your business processes.

Or have you gotten the latest, greatest program to end all programs only to say: "THEY JUST DON'T GET IT!?"


Well, NDS gets it! The ability to connect to dots between what the programmer CAN do and what the user NEEDS it to do is one of the strengths of NDS. You shouldn't have to work MORE or HARDER to get your job done, if a solution is properly designed.

NDS can streamline these key business processes and dramatically increase productivity, save time and consequently, save money - for a reasonable investment. In many, many cases, proper database development has resulted in SAVING clients more time and money that they were WASTING before they implemented the right solution.

Couldn't you or your business use MORE TIME AND MONEY - especially right now, in this economy?


Please review the NDS website. Look at QuoStar™: the best quotation software - hands down - for manufacturer's representatives of the construction industry. Affordable, customizable, and most of all - EFFECTIVE - for what mfg reps need to do in their business.

Please contact NDS if you have a specific need or issue in data manipulation.


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