Assemble or Edit the Quote

Building a 50, 60...even 100+ line item quote is easy with QuoStar™! 

Start by clicking the ADD A ROW button to open the FIND MATCH OR ENTER ITEM input panel. There you can add the correct item to your quote in one of three ways: by cross-referencing to find a match, typing the item number straight into a pop-up list, or typing the first few characters in a search field.

Once selected, the product item is inserted into the list here. Clicking on any of the line items listed will open a detail panel that allows you to edit any part of that one specific item for this specific quote. So if you need to make a special deal on a Z-100 on this quote, click on it and make the price change specific to this quote only. This means the next time you insert a Z-100, it uses original pricing/details, etc...

Quostar™ Tip: Don't like where a certain line item is placed? Want to group certain items together? Change the row number to determine product placement on the final Quote output for exact organization.

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