Associate Important Job Details to the Quote

This image breaks out to detail the data associated with all Job Quotes: project name, contact info, location, etc. Notice the extra features for helping manage your Quotes:

-- Enter a Due Date using a selectable graphic calendar format

-- Add important reference contact info associated with the Job

-- Lock the Quote if approved so no changes to the original can be made

Quostar™ Tip: All Jobs can be searched via any Job Detail info: Name, Location, Architect, Engineer, etc!

Special Feature: Note the box with a button entitled, 'CLICK HERE to Attach Source File'. This feature allows you to attach the original pdf plans or source document for the current quote to the quote itself. This is important down the road when weeks have gone by and you need to research exactly why a certain part was bid, etc.

Also, if you have the free Adobe Reader program, you can double-click on the pdf icon to open the plans for viewing while building the quote. Works great if you use two monitors or a large flat-panel screen.

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