Add or Edit Job Notes

This screen shows the basic layout of the quote assembly environment: the Job Detail screen. Please note the data fields and several buttons below the JOB ID. You may easily create new quotes, list current quotes, see a formatted-report version of current Job Quotes, duplicate Job Quotes, delete a Job Quote, View and Add notes to the current Quote, and Output the Quote (to paper, email, fax, etc).

Also, note the box with a button entitled, 'CLICK HERE to Attach Source File'. This feature allows you to attach the original pdf plans or source document for the current quote to the quote itself. This is important down the road when weeks have gone by and you need to research exactly why a certain part was bid, etc.

The DUPLICATE JOB feature is also a POWERFUL timesaver. If you assemble a quote for a common area project, like a franchise or chain build, the specified parts are generally the same, according to the plans. Well, if that happens and you essentially need to create a similar or identical quote based off a previous quote, simply duplicate it, make the minor DETAILS changes and VOILA! You have just created your needed quote in MINUTES rather than HOURS of work!

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