Cross-Reference Matching Results

This screen shows what happens when you use the system to cross-reference. This part in the quotation process happens when you are building a quote from plans or a request from a wholesaler. Sometimes a competitor's part is specified and you need to match it with your vendor's equivalent. All manufacturers publish this data and provide it to their reps - for just this purpose: so you can sell their products. We can take those data tables and load them directly into the system for you, saving you tremendous time and possible errors.

Below you see three different windows opened: the Job Detail screen where the quote is assembled (note the line items just to the right of the pdf symbol), the Find Match or Enter Item window (note the tag of T-3 and a competitor item number entered in the Search input box: 1010), and the Match Selection Results window (showing what the program pulled up once the SEARCH X-REFS button was pushed).

As any plumbing mfg rep knows, a JR Smith 1010 equals a Zurn Z-100 but if you are dealing with variations of the base product number that can get tedious to track down manually. So in QuoStar™ you click on the closest variation match (according to the Cross-Reference database) and it will then offer you the exact item number match from a list of possible options. Click the Vendor Match you want and PRESTO! - it is inserted directly into the Assemble Quote line item list of the Job Detail screen.

The process described above can take mere seconds with a few clicks of the mouse!

The QuoStar™ Cross-Reference Screens: Powerful, Fast Matching - at your fingertips!

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